Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Looking for Love - Discovering True Beauty When Looking For Love

 One of the most important things we consider when looking for love is the initial attraction we may feel with the opposite sex, perhaps gained with camouflage makeup or clothing. Understandably, attraction plays a major role in the development of prospective relationships. It tells the brain whether or not it is prudent to pursue a particular date. Scientific fact tells us that it takes the normal human brain less than a second to decide whether attraction is present or not. Attraction is mostly based on what society has dictated to be "beautiful"; and this has taken a major seat in our decision-making.

There's no doubt that initial attraction is vital when it comes to making decisions about prospective partners. However, you should realize that not everyone is created equal. More than half of the population is deemed undesirable by society and therefore is subjected to the reality of being judged by their outer appearance. For most people, looking for love and actually finding it has become significantly harder because their very appearance is now one of the most important criteria people use to find their mate.

So what now? If people do have the tendency to look for stereotypical beauty, then why is it that couples who are seen as unattractive individually end up finding love? This is simply because they have managed to look beyond the common idea of attraction and have decided that inner beauty is more important. These people are successful because they were willing enough to look beyond the physical aspects of a human being. They made a conscious decision to get to know the other person and see if there may be an attraction on another level - a level that is more important than the physical realm.

When you go through the rounds of conventional dating, the amount of dates you will have are bound to be higher than the number of people you will be having a relationship with. In most cases, initial attraction will play a major role in your decision-making. Some people deemed unattractive will go unnoticed just because you have judged them prematurely. This should not be the case. When looking for love, always remember that our physical beauty will diminish over time, but our inner beauty will never age. Each and every one of us is beautiful as long as we are willing to discover the beauty that lies within.