Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tone up After Childbirth

Despite what you may hear from some tired and dishevelled mothers, there is life after breastfeeding – there are so many ways you can tone up to get your perfect body back again! To find out more visit http://theurbanathleteblog.com/2012/01/11/lifelong-exercise-and-strength-training-in-older-adults/

A woman's body goes under tremendous strain during pregnancy, and even more so during childbirth.  As with most common injuries and bodily damage, the human anatomy can cope well and will soon heal itself with some much needed rest.  But if you want to speed the process along and tone up fast, there are some things to keep in mind.

It is common knowledge that the female figure will go through some inevitable changes after giving birth.  There will be loose skin where you were once soft and smooth, and your breasts will never be quite as perky as they used to be after breast feeding.  So it's no wonder that some women are desperate to lose the baby weight fast by throwing themselves head first into a full blown diet and exercise regime. 

However, health experts warn that you should exercise lightly to begin with and sometimes this can be something as simple as a stroll in the park.  A week or so after birth, it is important to do pelvic pushes – this is an important exercise that is vital to ensuring that your pelvic region regains its strength and function.

Time to Tone Up!

A month after birth, you can start to tone up by slowly increasing the intensity of your exercise routines.  But it is still important not to push too hard and light body toning exercises are a great place to begin.  It can be dangerous to throw yourself into an intensive regime, and women who rush out to buy all the diet books on the shelves could be depriving their babies of vital nutrients for healthy growth.  Just remember, it is important to look good and get fit after child birth.  But your first priority is the health of your baby, and yourself! 

Simple, controlled exercises such as squats, leg lifts and sit ups can help get your body get back on track without putting yourself through an intense work out.

Rid Cellulite – Technology to the Rescue

Technological advances have made wireless internet connectivity, self checkout tills and mobile phones that do everything, a possibility – now the tech geeks are helping women rid cellulite forever! To find out more visit http://www.mxtrainingblog.com/

Orange peels are an accepted fact of life that all women hate, but we all love to hate it.  After all, it gives us gossiping queens something else to moan about other than the grumpy old woman across the road who doesn't like it if you park in 'her' space.  Some of us girls are more technologically minded than others, but all ears will be on full alert with the new technology that helps to rid cellulite.

Of course, like with most things, nothing can guarantee you an easy life.  Today, there are many options out there than can help you rid cellulite, but to ensure that you have kissed it goodbye for the last time, healthy eating and regular exercise is still essential.  Despite shocking evidence by health officials, this really should be standard knowledge.  Looking after our bodies from the inside out is always an essential part of outer beauty.  Getting rid of those nasty dimples forever will require continued bodily maintenance - we shouldn't forget that. 

But for the most part, tech-geeks have invented quite a few handy little gadgets that can make the journey that bit more bearable.  Whether you were on the iPhone waiting list before it had even left the drawing board, or you are still using carrier pigeons to mange your correspondence, you need to put your hands together to applaud the world of technology and all the whiz-kids who make it happen. 

Good Vibrations to Rid Cellulite

Don't mind the exercise but want a helping hand?  Power Plate vibration-technology can vibrate you in the right direction.  Power Plate® equipment is the premium vibration device that uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration.

Transmitting waves of energy throughout the body, this activates muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

These machines, used by athletes across the globe, are leaders in the fitness world and you can benefit from immediate improvement in your blood circulation, a boost in your body's overall fitness and a reduction in fat, which is the main cause of cellulite on your body.

Muscle Toning – Not Just for Skinny Models

It is a common and sad misconception that fitness and exercising is just for stick thin catwalk divas who “starve themselves” – but whatever shape you are, you can look great with muscle toning and resistance bands.

It is a terrible misapprehension that looking after your body is something that only the slimmest of women and celebrities should be concerned with.  And it is sad situation when curvier women feel alienated from such regimes and avoid the gym, simply because it's "not their kind of place".

Although muscle toning can be accelerated by a calorie controlled diet, it's not "dieting" as we know it.  It is about taking care of our bodies and not filling your kitchen cupboards full of chocolate bars and multi-pack crisps.  A balanced approach during meal times is really all you need to get started on toning up those thighs! 

Not everyone was born to resemble a lollipop stick and many of us have battled with weight issues at some point in our lives.  The beautifully slender commercial girls we see prancing about on Herbal Essence adverts have left other women feeling somewhat estranged from a healthy lifestyle.   Instead of being an awakening encouragement, it's driven a wedge between 'real women' and exercise.  With Britain catching up with America in the obesity stakes, this mentality needs to stop.

Muscle toning isn't exclusive to a size 8/10 figure and we all need to realise this.  You could be a lovely 12 or a curvy 16.  Whatever your dress size, your body can still look gorgeously toned if you put in the time and effort.  Weight loss and body toning are related, but not the same thing, so nobody needs to ration themselves to two celery sticks per day.

Get Defined Without Starvation

Muscle toning is about getting rid of those niggly bits of fat that stop you having muscle definition.  It is important to maintain a daily routine of drinking and eating regularly.  Some experts even recommend that five small meals per day in replacement of the three square meals will work well with your metabolism.  But most importantly, you must stay hydrated! 

Calorie counters can help you eat a balanced amount, but you really don't have to go overboard with this.  With most of you, cutting out your daily tub of ice cream should suffice and common sense is the easiest food plan you could ever use.